Sakthi pays much attention to the revival of dying art forms. When we discover such declining art forms among the remote villages we learn these arts. We infuse new life into them by our creativity and give them back to the people by promoting sound cultural and human values to combat the social and moral evils that afflict today’s society.In the process of perfecting the cultural performance of our troupe, we have come a long way. We have systematized the rhythm and movements of dances. We workedcreatively to design a very vibrant and enlivening choreography. And we modernized the dances with appropriate and eye catching costumes. Above all we have tried to effectively bring out a social message through these art forms.


What is Sakthi? Sakthi means Energy – Power. Sakthi in another context signifies Woman.

Sakthi nurtures the positive self-image of young Dalit women to lead a purposeful life with dignity and rights as human persons.
Vision :-  

​​Empowering women in order to make them stand on their own and become economically independent and thus help them to take up leadership roles in the society in which they live.

To conscientize   women on the many forms of discrimination that women face in the society and to enable them to stand up against their oppression and exploitation.

To nurture the positive self-image of women as human persons with   dignity and rights through life orientation programs and capacity building project.

To develop their collective strength for their liberation with a view to promoting wider social change.

To facilitate the recovery and revival of the traditional Folk arts, and to apply it creatively for people’s emancipation.