Unity, Equality, Harmony.

"We all come out of the oneness."

"There should be no divisions, hi caste, low caste, rich, or poor, No. We are one."

-- Sister Chandra

our vision

The vision of Sakthi Centre is to empower young women so that they may arrive at a healthy self-esteem, and realize that they are human beings, with rights, talents, and abilities which can allow them to become responsible and productive members of society.

The ultimate goal of the centre is emancipation of all people. The rigid caste system has produced entrenched oppression in many forms. The Sakthi Centre represents a rare opportunity for these young women to discover and develop their full potential, and to gain a new understanding of their lives and potentials.

our mission

About the ICM Sisters

Founded by Marie Louise De Meester or Mother Marie Louise De Meester (born April 8, 1857 in Roeselare, Belgium – died October 10, 1928 in Heverlee), the ICM sisters have existed in India since 1897. ICM is an acronym for the Latin,  Immaculati Cordis Mariae or the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The congregation was  formerly known as the Missionary Canonesses of St. Augustine. During her lifetime, Mother Marie Louise De Meester established missions in India, Philippines, China, the United States, Belgian Congo and other places in the world. She returned home to Belgium in 1928 and died peacefully at the age of 71. 

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Organizational Frame work:


Sakthi is a Public Charitable and Educational Trust known as Sakthi Folk Cultural Centre. With the collaboration of our young women leaders and well wishers we formed the trust and registered in 2006.


The membership of Sakthi is composed of  Sakthi is comprised of  Sakthi Folk Cultural Centre Trust Members,  Sakthi Supportive Family Members and well wishers,  Sakthi Artiste, Animators and Tuition

Teachers,  Sakthi Training Students and Children’s group of Sakthi .


Sakthi  Networks with:

Department of Art and Culture – Tamil Nadu

South Zone Cultural Centre,  Tanjore

International Centre for Literacy and Culture - Tokyo