Sakthi Community College
During the year 2010 our training program was recognized by the Mother Theresa University and affiliated. Then on we are having Sakthi Community College for the dropout students with the following subject: Folk Arts, Tailoring and Computer. 

Creative Education:
​Daily tuition classes - Monthly gathering – Children’s movie –Summer camp: Through all these Sakthi tries to Promote Cultural Values in the minds and hearts of the children. About 300 children from 15 tuition centers are taken care of their studies in their own respective villages in the evenings.

Sakthi artists are equipped to perform cultural program based on themes like Women’s liberation,Communal harmony, Human Rights, Health and Environment. Today Sakthi members are happy to spend their time and energy to acquire flawless proficiency in the traditional arts and use them as a powerful means to promote Cultural Moral and Social Values.

Cultural Training by Sakthi Externs:
Training programs on Folk Music and Dances for outsiders are also given by Sakthi Artistes as part of their extension service.They take place in their respective places. These training modules can also arranged at Sakthi premises during holidays.

To make them economically independent and to stand on their own, training in various skills as such:

- Tailoring 
- Performing Folk Arts 
- Basic Computer Applications
- Terracotta 
- Food preservation
- Origamy 
- Gardening 
- Woolen work 
- Wire work etc are given.

To make them feel Self Confident Chances are given to participate in the cultural events as professionals to teach Folk dancesas masters and to organize women as animators. Above all they are given chances to completetheir basic education as well as to appear for degree courses. During the year 2013-2014 two of our artist joined in degree course and 2014  three of them joined in degree.

The wide ranging training program of Sakthi provides solid foundation for the trainees towards a bright future.The training they receive here makes them effective animators in shaping a better humanity by participating group activities and in cultural performances which promote social awareness and moral values.

To help young Dalit women lead a life with self-dignity and productivity a specially designed training program is conducted for them for a year. The Life oriented Sakthi training program provides a solid foundation for our trainees to equip themselves with multiple skills. To recognize the bubbling energy within and develop their potential to the full, exercises on Yoga to gain awareness of one self, Street Theatre exercises to breakthrough the fear, Folk Dances and Folk Music to come alive with their own talents, Taek Wondo  and Silambam to learn more of self defensive  techniques are taught.