Mission Towards the Integral Human Development of Women

About ICM Congregation

The Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary(Immaculati Cordis Mariae)is an institute of pontifical right founded by Mother Marie Louise De Meester in Mulagumoodu,in South India, in 1897.
Our specific aim is exclusive dedication to the Mission “Ad Gentes”, proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ by means of word and witness of our lives.

Faithful to the charism and spirituality of the Foundress ,we the ICM Sisters do all in their power to live our Religious and Missionary vocation, combining a deep interior life with undaunted apostolic zeal , daily drawing inspiration from the Most Blessed Virgin Mary,who gave the perfect response to God,risking and giving all for the mission of her son Jesus. As an international congregation,the ICM sisters are working in 13 countries in Europe ,Asia,Africa,and the Americas.

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